Quechua village of Huilloc

Meet the Andean community of indigenous Quechua artisans of Huilloc in the Sacred Valley of Peru     This is a story about a culture as old as the Incas,... Read More

Tribes of the Amazon

A glimpse into the world of Bora and Yagua people  Not that far from modern world, only an hour away by boat from Iquitos in Peru, scattered along the Amazon... Read More

A trip through the surreal landscapes of Bolivia

Discover the best places for landscape photography in Bolivia   Let me tell you about a place in South America so close to the sky, it will make your thirst... Read More
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Discover Ladakh, the gateway to Himalayan culture

Learn about India's high passes, ancient Buddhist temples and people of the Himalayas “No hurry, no worry!” We drive past yet another road sign, warning cars to slow down and... Read More

Varanasi. The city of Light on the Ganges

Varanasi is one of those places that just stays with you forever. It's intense and overwhelming. It is spiritual but also commercial, dirty and crowded yet enlightening and calming.  There's... Read More

Andaman Islands guide to paradise

Tips on best beaches, diving and responsible travel   Situated in the Bay of Bengal in the Andaman Sea, the Andaman Islands are an Indian archipelago of more than 300... Read More

3 weeks in Vietnam

My Vietnam itenary and what I wish I'd known in advance Contrary to my expectations Vietnam turned out to be a controversial place for travelling. After weeks and weeks of... Read More

Happy Holi! A festival of joy and color

Join the Holi celebrations under a rainbow of color, laughter and ecstatic dancing. Do you remember the last time you jumped into a puddle of colored water or sprayed your... Read More

Majuli and the Mishing people in Assam, India

 "India is like a necklace made of lots of different colored beads" This beautiful description was made by a fellow traveler while we were talking and exchanging travel stories and... Read More

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